The PAthe of Enlightenment

It’s been 15 years, a long time coming, but I have finally chewed my way back from the depths of of the single paragraph. Following numerous panic attacks upon sight of the word ‘Preface’, each directly tailed by a trip to netflix, I’ve done it. By the skin of my teeth, I’ve read a book. Granted it was under 40 pages, and some of them had pictures, but it is a victory, and a reaffirmation of words of more than one syllable. The Path to Enlightenment (re)starts here. I’m not saying I won’t go back, or that the two cannot be enjoyed simultaneously, but just for now ‘Drunk Hunk of the Month’ is  strictly off the menu.

This website is my technological ring binder: a bugger to put together, but light, portable, efficient, ecologically sound and, most importantly, me being somewhat of a hoarder, it takes up less room in the attic.

More links will become active as my research develops (or perhaps less as my vocabulary improves).

Through the Looking Glass Gender_advertisements Linder_1

What_Pictures_Want Wet Ways_Of_Seeing Visual_Pleasures The_Everyday The_Archive Strangeland secret_public Pop_Art_Design Iconology Hans_Belmer Civilization_Discontents Art_Self_Invention Alex_Gross WHY YOUR FIVE YEAR OLD COULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT warhol_headlines

Through the Looking Glass: Women and Self-representation in Modern Art
Gender Advertisements
Linder: Femme/Object

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