Wim Delvoye – Anti Hero

Much like Martin Creeds Work No. 660 (Shit Film), Wim Delvoyes ‘Art Farm’ brings about a visceral reaction in the viewer. They’re aren’t many who wouldn’t be disgusted by the notion of tattooing a defenceless animal, but you can’t deny the beauty of of a tattoed pig and the effortless way in which he gets his point across, but what is his point?

“Delvoye began painting over wallpaper and carpets, coloring in the existing patterns and defying the tendency towards free expression vibrant in the art world at the time.”[wiki]

“The strength of Wim Delvoye lies in his ability to engineer conflict by combining the fine arts and folk art, and playing seriousness against irony.”[4]


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This is a little student film from 1998. Please don’t sue me… I have not made a penny from it. I am in fact penniless. To all involved, who gave their time tirelessly and brilliantly to a demanding director, who didn’t know much either, thank you.

1. “Lust for Life” (Iggy Pop, David Bowie).

℗ 1990 Thousand Mile, Inc.

© 1990 Virgin Records America, Inc.


Molten Salt / Temple

3D collage ‘Molten Salt’ made her second venture into the gallery environment at the Generator Members’ Show 2017, which previewed last night to an enthusiastic crowd. Child star Shirley Temple’s legs poke out from the internally lit, handmade fibreglass cast. Shirley is flattened and fragmented by the weight of expectation and the pressure to conform, and to be seen. The piece appears decayed, like a derelict house, the result of the passing of (imaginary) time. The show runs until 19th February and is a curatorial wonderland.
25/26 Mid Wynd Industrial Estate
Thur – Sun 12-5

Molten Salt / Temple mst_02