Tony Heaton

Shaken not Stirred 1992 © Tony Heaton

Shaken not Stirred 1992 by Tony Heaton

Tony Heaton has worked as a sculptor since the inception of what became known as disability arts, a movement inextricably linked to the politics of disability.

His performance piece Shaken not Stirred – created from the stacking into a pyramid of 1,760 red charity collecting tins and then destroyed by the hurling into it of a prosthetic leg with a steel toe capped boot for the ‘Block Telethon’ campaign – was part of a seminal moment where disabled activists protested against the televising of Telethon and demanded rights not charity. more…

‘Block Telethon’

‘It portrays us as tragic, pathetic victims who long to be non- disabled, or plucky heroes who deserve a pat on the head for triumphing over adversity. Well, we’ve had enough of it,’ says Alan Holdsworth, a founder member of Block Telethon, who also sits on the executive committee of the British Council of Organisations of Disabled People.

The 1990 Telethon raised pounds 20m, a quarter of which went to disabled people’s groups. If the total were shared between every disabled person in the country, they would receive 3 pounds each. more…

Raspberry Ripple by Tony Heaton Pink Neon. 2014 (Edition of 2)

Raspberry Ripple by Tony Heaton, Pink Neon, 2014 (Edition of 2)


‘Cool on Wheels’ by Hari MacMillan, 2014 (light bulb moment)

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